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Custom, Money-Making Ads for Shopify.

Created. Placed. Optimized. Risk-free

In under 2 minutes you can get:
Ads for your best-selling products
A custom, guaranteed money-making marketing strategy
An analysis of your current marketing
No commitment, no credit card. You have nothing to lose!


No experience needed – We do it for you.
No commitment or credit card required – Adhance pays for itself.
Spend less and make more.

Did you know that people who start a purchase and leave without completing the sale, come back 26% of the time if they are targeted with specific ads?
Adhance takes care of all of that for you.

We’ve put the expertise and cunning of over 150 online marketing experts into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) app that makes all the hard, confusing, and overwhelming choices for you.

What exactly does Adhance do for you?

  1. We connect to your site and automatically create a unique marketing strategy that focuses on generating more sales.
  2. Adhance identifies who is most likely to buy and then laser-targets those specific people. You spend less and convert more visitors to customers.
  3. We automatically create ads, configure, and then manage all the advertising for your online store.

Click here to see a video of a complete set-up – only 2 minutes long!

Tell your story with expert crafted campaigns
Adhance will optimize your ads to connect with your visitors and tell your brand’s story at just the right time in their buying journey.

Save time & money with smart automations
We want you to focus on your customers, not building advertising campaigns. Our AI driven campaign launcher saves you time & money.

Clear reports and Return on Investment (ROI)
You’ll always have a clear picture of your online store’s performance and which ads are winning you new customers.

Engagement at each step of the buying journey

Some website visitors are ready to buy now, others want to browse and see what your online store has to offer. Adhance uses smart targeting to match a website visitor’s actions with engaging campaigns to move them along and buy your products.

Optimizations that make you more money

Adhance’s optimizations focus on putting more money in your pocket and help you create an engaging buying experience for your new customers.

See how your online store is doing

Keep track of how well your ads are performing, see your top selling products, measure campaign ROI, and see where your online store needs improvements.