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Thanks for stopping by the beta request page!

Adhance is seeking a very limited number of volunteers to beta test the platform and provide feedback.

Those selected will receive:

1. Free access to the Adhance platform for the extent of the beta as well as for 12 months afterwards.
*Advertising costs on Facebook are paid directly to them and are in no way related to Adhance

2. Up to $300 Facebook advertising costs reimbursement.

3. No cost consulting on all aspects of your online store and presence

Beta Program Requirements

You must have the following to be considered for one of the few beta spots we have available.

  • WordPress site with 3000+ visitors per month

  • WooCommerce online store

  • Must have existing traffic and sales. 10+ sales per day is ideal and will see the most benefit

  • Must be willing to commit a minimum of $300 towards Facebook advertising (Billed directly by Facebook)

If Adhance does not generate a positive ROI, we will reimburse up to $300 to cover any amount not covered by sales generated from Adhance created advertisements.

Want to talk to see if the Adhance Beta is for you?